Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sarkozy Wins: Toutes Les Gloires

But I've been waiting this whole night
But I've been down across the road or two
But now I've found the velvet sun
That shines on me and you

We bring the bump to the grind
I don't mind, we're on top
It's just a shimmy and a shake
I can't fake, we're on top
We're on top
Sarkozy wins with 53% of vote:
Sarkozy, the son of a Hungarian immigrant, presented himself as the "candidate of work," promising to loosen the 35-hour work week by offering tax breaks on overtime and to trim fat from the public service, cut taxes and wage war on unemployment.
Tough medicine is ahead for France. Reform is going to go down like a dry and stale baguette - luckily, wine helps. The labour movement will organize and take to the streets, but Sarkozy has a mandate to do the job and ride it out.

And he'll need to start showing some leadership right off the bat:
Far from the exuberant crowds outside Sarkozy's campaign headquarters, in the run-down suburbs northeast of Paris, reactions to the election result ranged from gloom to outright anger, highlighting the very first challenge President Sarkozy will face: prove that he can be the president of all of France.
He needs to hit the ground running.
So, to start the early kick off the French inauguration, here's the now newly defunct group New Order playing "Ceremony":

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