Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rock the Sure Shot: Sen Dogg, Dion, Iran, and Bloc Party

Well You Say I'm Twenty Something And Should Be Slacking
But I'm Working Harder Than Ever And You Could Call It Macking
So I'm Supposed To Sit Upon My Couch Watching My T.V.
I'm Still Iistening To Wax, I'm Not Using The CD
I'm That Kid In The Corner
All Fucked Up And I Wanna So I'm Gonna
Take A Piece Of The Pie, Why Not?
I'm Not Quitting
Think I'm Gonna Change Up My Style Just To Fit In?
--Beastie Boys

The last month has been good, but so much work. I billed out about 200 hours for February and this month is going to be even more. For Monday through Wednesday I billed over 35 hours alone (in reality, it was more like 50, but budgets are budgets).

Nuff work, here's what's going down:

1. The National Post ripped Dion a new one: "[S]top whining like a child whose older brother just got a bigger lollypop. Act like a leader, or at least a grownup politician. Accept that in the cut-and-thrust of political jousting your opponents are going to make allegations against you and your party every bit as outsized as the ones you make against them."

Ouch, and I can't say I disagree. As Sen Dogg once proclaimed "what come around go around, kiiiiiid". Dion has more whine than Napa Valley. You know that scene in the new James Bond "Casino Royale" movie where Bond is tortured using a specific method of attacking his, uh, nether regions? This is the written form of that attack.

2. ...from bourque today - Ipsos: Con 40% Lib 29% Ndp 14% Grn7% ...

3. Iran's latest dicy move gives more incentive than ever for local countries to get active in their own nuke programs...or at least go toe-to-toe at the UN with Iran. This comes on the heels of Russia stepping down its support for the Islamic Republic....and as the UN debates further sanctions. Not smart...especially since Iran's Navy is about as strong as Nicole Ritchie on sleeping pills.

I don't imagine Britain will take this lying down, either. When Israel and the US decide to attack missile style, Britain will either join in, or will be more inclined to support the attack. Self defense turns to the offense.

4. The US remains oblivious to how it is viewed around the world, a continuing series.

5. While Mbeki lacks the courage to tell Mugabe that destroying Zimbabwe is a crappy idea, and perhaps Mugabe should, you know, stop, one Catholic bishop is ready to throw down - Lach Walesa styles:

HARARE (Reuters) - A top Zimbabwean Roman Catholic cleric said on Thursday he was ready to face bullets in anti-government street protests to help restore the rule of law in President Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

Pius Ncube, archbishop of the southern Bulawayo diocese, told a news conference Zimbabweans must take to the streets over rights abuses by Mugabe's government, facing international criticism over a crackdown on the opposition.

"The biggest problem with Zimbabweans is they are cowards, myself included, but as for me I am ready to stand in front, even of blazing guns," he said.
Rock on with your bad self, freedom fighter. Where's Mandela in all of this? Mandiba is not big on criticizing other African leaders(for various reasons), but he's got to draw a line somewhere, no?

Speaking of the freedom fight...

Bloc Party
I saw the Bloc Party concert on March 12 in Vancouver at the Orpheum, which was a showcase for a band that is about to blow up into something much larger. This video from that show gives an idea of what it was like. Kele, the lead singer, was upbeat and smiling throughout most of the show and invited half the audience onstage (as you may see at the end of this video). I was on the balcony of the Orpheum so I didn't get to rush the stage, etc, but this was something special. Bloc Party will probably return to play a hockey arena next time. Here's a frantic version of "Helicopter" in Vancouver:

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