Monday, February 26, 2007

Condi: Do Shut Up.

Condi is smart, she just doesn't think anyone else is:

U.S. terror fight benefits Canada, Rice argues

With a report from Steven Chase

Canadians were issued a reminder yesterday by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that her country's fight on terrorism provides significant security benefits for other nations, too.

Now, it's true that during the cold war that the west really was safer because it was able to effectively band together to stop a common enemy, but does that apply to the US' execution of the war on terror? Read the headline without rolling your eyes. I was hardly a lone voice in Canada when I originally voiced support for the war in Iraq..Not because of WMD's (although of course the Bush admin used that as the main sledgehammer to force action on the Iraq front), but because after 9-11 there was an urgency to seeing the ME reform itself through democracy and the institution of individual freedom. Was that naive? Probably, but most of the problem lies in the execution of the idea.

It would be nice for Canada to have the US' back on the WoT, but let's be real: America doesn't have America's back. When the US talks about freedom, yet denies habeus corpus and gives a middle finger to torture laws no matter what the justification is, it completely negates and discredits any moral stand they attempt. When the US' imminent demise was a button push away in the USSR, the US never resorted to torture. Let's be real here, even when the US does have a legit cause (ie: Iran), nobody wants to be on their side because everyone knows the leadership of the US is a hopeless mess that just negotiated a shitty deal with NoKo that would never go down as a win at the State Dept under a real leader.

To sum up: At this point, when the US disses Canada, it disses itself. Back the outbound "Fuck You" Train right back to where it came from in Washington and keep it in the station until '08.

Not to confuse "America" with "Americans", some proud Yanks have been about as genuine and free as you can get: CCR. Long before rappers were reppin' the dirty south like it was going out of style, CCR sketched out some of the baddest southern riffs ever recorded...Here's the Foos doing a decent cover of CCR:

Wish I was back on the bayou.
Rollin with some cajun queen.
Wishin I were a fast freight train,
Just a chooglin on down to New Orleans.

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