Sunday, January 14, 2007

Iran, Iran So Far Away

Once I ran from you
Now I run to you
--Soft Cell

Guess who's teaming up? Ortega and Mahmoud sitting in a tree.... Interesting where a little networking through Hugo Chavez will take you:
Iran willing to sign accords with Nicaragua: president

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that his government is willing to sign agreements with Nicaragua on a wide range of issues.

Ahmadinejad, on his visit to the Central American nation, said the two countries have "common interests, common enemies and common challenges" and that the accords will focus on politics, culture, economics, investment and construction.

Daniel Ortega, who took office as Nicaraguan president on Wednesday, said he had begun working with Ahmadinejad on Saturday night "to reach constructive agreements to fight hunger, unemployment and poverty.

He added that there is an urgent need to "take initiatives that contribute to the well-being of our people, defending our sovereignty and our right to progress".

Geez, I wonder where the anti-American left will draw the line on aligning with a country that stones women for adultery and worse. Even Cuba recently sided with Iran against Canada for human rights abuses.....crazy. Especially when Canada spends so much money in Cuba.

Back on topic for a second, I'm not sure where any really meaningful alliance amongst these totally opposing and culturally isolated countries can really take off. This is more indicative of a growing consolidation of anti-American forces.

On an another unrelated subject...remember when the Hip were cool? Me was at least a decade ago. Here's a reminder of when they were the kings of Canadian rock:

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