Sunday, October 15, 2006

The best time I ever had was/Waiting 'round for something bad

The best time I ever had was
Waiting 'round for something bad
--The Bravery

+ Buried in the story about the first person to undergo a face transplant, was the fact that Isabelle Dinoire's own dog ate her face off as Isabelle was unconscious, ergo, the surgery. There's just something about the relationship between China and North Korea that jogs my memory of that little detail....

+ Speaking of rabid dogs, the leaders of Northern Ireland have decided, after four years of watching the rest of the modern western world pass them by again, to actually form a government. Outstanding. Welcome to the rest of the modern world, gentleman. Accolades, all 'round. What an accomplishment - the Sinn Fein will recognize the Northern Irish police. You know that speech where Chris Rock riffs on certain people for taking credit for shit they are supposed to do?.........

+ [Michael Ignatieff, at Liberal leadership debate, referring to Bob Rae's foreign policy stance]"I actually don't know where you stand on this issue." "You certainly do know," Rae said before adding this riposte: "For a guy that's changed his mind three times in a week with respect to the Middle East ..."

ZING! Iggy is going to win, but he will be badly damaged by the time this thing is done. How do you go from one extreme to the other on the question of the Israeli/Lebanon conflict and come out looking like anything but an asshole to everyone. This guy needs some time in the oven before he's done cooking. Maybe *cough* Belinda could give him some pointers.

Anyhoo, this "Fearless" by The Bravery. Sweet video.

And...for good measure "Get Myself Into It" by The Rapture

Sweet. I've been playing their album non-stop.

And screw it..for super extra good measure, a video mashup..Doors Vs. Blondie:

"Rapture Riders"...check out Jim's grin at the beginning.


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