Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Short Work

I destroyed Ian on his own site. Again:

I know 4 year old Japanese girls with more maturity and a stronger grasp of the english languaage. Where to start with this joker? Just because someone makes a “judgment call” does not make them a “liar”. This is pretty basic, but apparently just saying and repeating nonsense is good enough for you. I’m sure this line of exceptional thinking was grounds for a pat on the head from your helpers during the rides on the short bus to grade school, but it hardly makes for convincing material.

"Also, whether your A.D.D. afflicted mind can stomach it or has just repressed it, your constant defense of paisley and your BS stories about how some fictitious catholic woman voted for him as some kind of shield is about as plain a defense/endorsement as you will find. You’ve defended him on numerous occassions and even voiced very positive opinions about him.:”

A.D.D. afflicted mind… is this an attempt at smearing me, or those afflicted with ADD?

holy geez…uh, Ian, this is sad. If you have to ask, then it’s clear that it was definitely an attack on ADD sufferers because they have really been slandered for having been associated with you.

“ok, so you’re saying the only hope for the troubles is for ireland to join the commonweatlh. That’s what you wrote. I’ll assume that you “want” the troubles to end, so you would wish for the republic to join the commonwealth.”

Go ahead and make your silly assumptions instead of just reading what I wrote, Liar.

The only assumption is that you’d want the troubles to end. Is that not true? Do you understand the issue? Do you understand paraphrasing? Please inform and enlighten.

"libertarianism is a casual shirt you pull out and wear when it suits you. Seriously, when you have a july 12 posting ranting about catholics for the nth time, you should really drop the pretense of calling yourself “libertarian”. when you’ve beaten sleeping people for living, you don’t have the credibility to call the violence of Israel “evil”.”

It is no casual shirt at all. My July 12th post was not a rant whatsoever. Again, you lie.

Thank you for telling me that a metaphor is not literally a casual shirt. There was a lot of confusion about that. Thank god.

Why don’t you just post your july 12th writing so we can all judge? It’s actually lucky you didn’t post your July 12th BS because there would have been so much more ammo it would be ridiculous. Another anti catholic rant on the worst possible day of the year? Oh and again, a characterization of “rant” is not a statement of fact.

It’s a characterization.

To recap “opinions do not equal facts”. Think about that before posting anything. Think about it… consider it.
Your assertion that I’ve “beaten people” is again a lie.
You wrote it on your website. you attacked sleeping people. they were asleep. You attacked. beaten, attacked, whatever. get out a thesaurus and peruse the pages. (PS: a thesaurus is not a type of dinosaur. Not a type of dinosaur. Not.)

Again, just because I don’t repeat word for word what you write, does not make it incorrect. Again, it’s called “paraphrasing”.

Just because you say you “efficiently” kicked the crap out of sleeping bums is not much different. Apologies.

In fact, it seems you are in denial about a host of issues and your relative lack of cognitive skills required to deal with them is not helping matters. What to do when you define yourself as a free thinking libertarian when the cold reality is that you’re a violent and ignorant racist, endlessly rationalizing and denying your actions and fears?

This is the last call to you in your mental abyss and I hope it was enlightening. You can now proceed with more hyper convincing debating points such as calling me a “liar”, referring to adjectives as “lies” and last but not least, literally translating metaphors.
You a fan,
A phony, a fake, a pussy, a Stan
His responses up to now have been pure garbage. This is just like the last time he challenged me to battle: no contest at all.


Ian Scott said...


ROTFLMAO! I got a couple friends here too, reading your assertions about my propensity for violence. They think you're hillarious.

Shamrocks! said...

That's the best you can do? That's your comeback?

You've been verbally worked and that's the best you can come up with? I've got more lines in that one post then you have in a years' worth of posts.

That's cool that you and friends spend time on a weekday reading blog posts together.

So. Cool.

Shamrocks! said...


To put it in a nutshell for you:

You had to ask if being called ADD afflicted was a diss on you or those with ADD.

You're response to a metaphor explaining your flimsy loyalty to your "ideology" was to explain that it "was't a casual shirt".

You're way out of your league. High five your friends from Hamilton Community College all you like-you're done.

Ian Scott said...

We're all still giggling here, Paddy!

Verbally worked? All we hear are giggles of laughter.

Verbally, Patrick? Did you mean something else? We can't hear your verbalness across the miles.

But we can read your lying assertions!

My ADD friends thank you for trying to slander them, as well.

Shamrocks! said...

Laughing about this, big man:

You're hanging out giggling with your buddies at 2:48 am EST about the word verbally. Explains why you spend 3 hours in the middle of the day writing posts.

verbal: communicated in the form of words.

Pretty weak as far as disses go. Keep trying.

Ian Scott said...
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