Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ianism = Rationalize Anything?

"I’ve been willing to respond to Patrick’s fallacious projections - but we’re still no where near dealing with the original questions I asked - instead of dealing with the actual questions, Patrick has written out a response that is filled with projection and ad hominem - instead of actually dealing with the question it self."
--Ian Scott, April 30, 2006.
Um, sure...except.......
I still say.. cowards [ie: Roman Catholics] are those who don’t clean up their own backyard but expect others to clean up theirs.
--Ian Scott, April 27, 2006
His typing is quite brave from behind his computer.....
Where are the Paddy’s that are willing to stand up to the insane Anselms of Canada? Where are the Paddy’s that will stand up and say, “I’m not among you, those who would cite violence in the name of Roman Catholicism?”
--Ian Scott, April 25, 2006
You first. Start by saying "I apologize to Roman Catholics who I have been making derogatory and disturbing comments about for a long time, and I think that violence done against them in the name of other religions is wrong and I also apologize for sympathizing with and defending Reverend Paisley."

The term "Paddy", of course, is highly offensive for an Irishman amongst the British...according to the Racial Slur database, it's more offensive than the term "Mick"
Patty/Paddy = Irish: Derogatory slur word for Irish people. Used mainly in Britain.
Wow. Blatant use of a derogatory term.
Or maybe, a lot of Roman Catholics are just wimps.


[Irish Catholics are] [w]eakminded irrational fearful cowards. But bullies, when it suits you to be a bully toward others.

Carry on as you were. Cowards.
--Ian Scott, April 25, 2006
How does he even begin to tell an entire religion to be more tolerant?
"Let the truly brave, even the brave that adhere to Roman Catholicism stand up and admit to this evilness within their organized religion"
--Ian Scott, April 22, 2006.
Admit your to your prejudice and we'll talk.
Look folks - Roman Catholic complicity in crime and attrocity is a fact.
--Ian Scott, April 21, 2006
...and the unwritten other half of that quote is....?
How can any Roman Catholic find it reprehensible for other cultures to engage in cannibalism for spiritual purposes, when they do so themselves....

Fava beans, anyone?
--Ian Scott, January 19, 2006.
He tries to paint Catholicism as a religion of Hannibal Lectors. Classy.

Can you see the problem with Ian trying to get Catholics to apologize or explain themselves to him?

See Ian, you are the absolute last person to request anything of Catholics. Not an apology, not a renounciation of violence. Nothing. If you were clean and pure like snow, maybe Catholics would have no problem saying "Hey! He's got a point!" Unfortunately, you have a history of making extremely prejudicial remarks about Irish Catholics/Catholics in general, so there is no basis for you to demand anything of them. The whole idea of this exercise of yours is simply a rationalization to bait and attack Catholics, and find some self-righteous excuse to further attack the religion.

But that's all it is: an excuse. There's no "original matter" to discuss, you simply want to rationalize your deeply held beliefs about Catholics, and find that "some Catholics think there is a problem with Islam" is fair game to attack Catholicism.

I don't think there is anyone, Catholic or otherwise, who doesn't think Catholicism has problems-
You're just not the appropriate guy to bring it up.

It would be like Hamas trying to have a serious discussion about the problems with Judaism.

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