Monday, July 03, 2006

On tha One! Maya! Mexica!

Heads bobbin' to tha funk out ya speaker,
On tha one Maya, Mexica
That vulture came to try and steal ya name
But now you found a gun
You're history!
This is for the people of the sun!

It's comin' back around again!
This is for the people of the sun!

One more Mexican election sees the former proto-fascist PRI come third, while the pro-Chavez left could not catch the moderate right:
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's conservative presidential candidate Felipe Calderon declared victory on Monday in a bitterly contested election and official returns appeared to show his leftist rival could no longer catch him.

Calderon had a lead of almost 400,000 votes over Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with returns in from almost 98 percent of polling stations and a senior election official said it was unlikely to change with a recount ordered for later this week.

A Calderon victory would ensure Mexico sticks to the free-market policies of outgoing President Vicente Fox and hold steady as a U.S. ally, bucking a trend of Latin American nations who have turned to the left and away from Washington in recent years.

This evens it out a little. Peru rejected a heavily pro-chavez leftist to elect another centre right candidate (Garcia). Uribe, Garcia and Calderon, combined with the pragmatic centre-left Lula should hold back the tide of Chavez for the time being. But the US should use this opportunity to re-examine its policy in Latin America.

Like the drug eradication program in Afghanistan, domestic priorities are taking over foreign pragmatism. Is it really a good idea to encourage the destruction of a livelihood in Bolivia, Columbia and Afghanistan to destroy an economy and throw the population into the hands of the enemy? Of course not. Now Canada is getting into the act in Afghanistan and for what? Is Vancouver's east end going to come correct because of it? Is IndoChina going to stop its massive production? Isn't it more likely that the only change will be in the prices in Vancouver, and that's it.

If Canada really wanted to clean up the drug trade, the army would invade the Vancouver Port Authority and throw the Hell's Angels the fuck out of the loading docks. Good times.

So ends one more superfun rant. But fuck it, this is for the people of the sun:

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