Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You Gots To Chill

London calling,
See we ain’t got no swing
’cept for the ring of that truncheon thing
--The Clash

Just imagine if the Clash were arab...
'Playing The Clash made me a terror suspect'
by ANNE CAMPBELL, Metro 08:06am 5th April 2006

A mobile phone salesman was hauled off a plane and questioned for three hours as a terror suspect - because he listened to songs by The Clash and Led Zeppelin.

Harraj Mann, 24, played the punk anthem London Calling and classic rock track Immigrant Song in a taxi before a flight to London.

The lyrics to both tracks made the driver fear his passenger was a terrorist.

****ing retarded. Frick, even Ice-T, Mr. Bodycount/Kill-a-cop himself plays a cop on TV these days....Those two songs aren't even close to being the most violent ever made the standards of rap, Immigrant Song is child play....If any song was going to set it off, it would have to be the Clash's Guns of Brixton....
When they kick at your front door
How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun

When the law break in
How you gonna go?
Shot down on the pavement
Or waiting on death row

That's more gangsta rap and punk than the unholy love child from one night of passion between 2pac, the Breeders, lil' Kim, and Joey Ramone.

Anyways, this is just...ridiculous...remember how we remember some periods as just unbelievable? As in, "How the crap did we let this perfect **** storm of stupidity overwhelm us?" It's here, peeps.

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