Sunday, April 09, 2006

Just In Case The War Pops Off: Stronach Retreats

*****s stare as I enter the center
They send me to a leval 3 yard,
That's where I stay
Late night I hear toothbrushes scrapin on the floor
*****s gettin they shanks
Just in case the war
Pops off
Cuz you can't tell what's next
My little homey Baby Boo took a pencil in his neck

It was about to get vicious, wasn't it?..via LiB
Not since 1968 when Pierre Trudeau provoked a mania within the party and across the country has a Liberal leadership contest showcased so much cerebral cortex. With Michael Ignatieff and St├ęphane Dion opting in yesterday and Belinda Stronach dropping out a day earlier, the collective leadership IQ is soaring.

Ouch. Yes, that was the Star. Here's the Globe piling on..
"It's not because of my French. It is better than you think," she said in French, incorrectly conjugating the verb "penser." When asked what ideas for democratic renewal she wanted to champion, Ms. Stronach, who was also minister for democratic renewal in Mr. Martin's cabinet, cited the one-member, one-vote system for electing the Liberal leader, but said people will have to "wait and see" her other ideas.

That's 2 for 2: 2 sentences. 2 disses. Good thing for the Liberal she's out...If I were Harper, I'd be all about getting the Auto-Princess into a debate and then just sticking it to her in French.

As for the "heavyweights" about to run, I'm not sure what to say....Dion is hated even by the outgoing premier Klein for trying to patronize the west about seperation, Rae just turned Liberal, Ignatieff isn't really a Canuck, Brison and Goodale are up to their ears in Income Trust, Valera's up to his ears in shady real estate deals and Dryden is simply unaccomplished. Yes, he was huge in '72, but c'mon.

What has he done lately? And why hasn't Phil Esposito joined the race?

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