Sunday, February 12, 2006

Susan Sarandon vs. Somaly Mam

An imagined conversation between St. Susan and fellow Olympic flag carrier Somaly Mam, during the opening ceremonies:
Sarandon: I'm really happy to be here, aren't you? Are you familiar with my work by any chance? My husband's Tim Robbins.

Mam: I'm sorry I'm not familiar with your work, although your presence here suggests that you must be a hero in North America for your struggle for equality and freedom.

Sarandon: Oh, of course. Have you seen "Thelma and Louise"? I got an Oscar for "Dead Man Walking", too.

Mam: I was sold into childhood sex slavery during the reign of the tyrannical Khmer Rouge regime, under Pol Pot.

Sarandon: Ha! That's nothing! We have Bush...

Mam: I struggled for years in bondage, being raped, tortured and beaten regularly.

Sarandon: ....In "Thelma and Louise", I played a rape victim. It's like being the real thing, I think.

Mam: My struggle continues as does the plight of the countless others who have managed to break away from the bonds of sexual slavery. I have freed thousands from this condition, and I work daily to continue doing so.

Sarandon: Me and Thelma broke away from our bad husbands....

Mam: I face continued death threats from a host of interested parties who want me to stop doing my work...

Sarandon: Critics are always tough. Hell, I got down about "Elizabethtown" at times.

Mam: I have trouble sleeping and communicating with others because of my past and my harsh experiences. Every day is a struggle to survive.


Mam: Anyways, I'm sorry that I'm unfamiliar with your work, but I'm sure you have earned your presence at these games and amongst these amazing women. Please continue your work with your "Thelma and Louise" outfit. Thank you for listening to me.


Wade Ranger said...

Great post. Definite Pulitzer Prize material. If only Susan had such great writers.

Anonymous said...

Really good piece of writing, the last paragraph cements it as one of the better short stories that I've read in a while.



Anonymous said...

Sot of sums up what "life experience "westerners have, soft bunch that we are...

eastern paul Now from Alberta