Friday, February 10, 2006

Emerson's Isolation

Isolation, isolation, isolation

But if you could just see the beauty
These things I could never describe
These pleasures a wayward distraction
This is my one lucky prize
--Joy Division

David Emerson (street name: D!M!S!) is on the run:
When asked if Emerson should resign his seat and run in a byelection, Thompson said.

"Without the legislation in place to force it, I wouldn't suggest that has to be the case. I would say if he did it it would be the honourable thing to do."

While backbench Tory MPs are now starting to publicly question Emerson's appointment, no cabinet minister has cross that line yet.

"I don't think he's required to run in a byelection," said Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay. "It's certainly not legally necessary."

Harper, Emerson and controversial Senate appointee Michael Fortier did not speak with reporters on Thursday.

Emerson was scheduled to hold a teleconference with reporters late in the afternoon. Reporters waited on hold for half an hour before the operator informed them Emerson was "caught in traffic" and would have to reschedule the call at a later date.

No home in the past, and a broken political home in his future. I think a big portion of this BS is just media driven...and blog driven, too.

But I'm not really sure that Canadians are going to bother getting too riled up about it. Normal people (ie: non-journos/non-bloggers) are probably not interested in worrying about politics for the forseeable future, so it will be interesting to see if Emerson can hold out.

Still, the guy should run in a by-election.

This is my last comment on this for now. I'll revisit this crap in a month...maybe.

On a total side note, my new nick is apparently "Kickin' it old school". Sweet. In honour of all things old school, here's one of the best...

It don't matter where you been or where you at
I'm here now and I'm bangin, kid you softer than the Queen of England
Phraseologist natural philosopher wordsmith
Authentical metaphorical lyricist
Sharp descriptive writer kill a biter
Panty raider, party exciter
--Keith Murray

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