Thursday, February 02, 2006

Apologize to your fans

You let the streets down *****,
Apologize to your fans
Watch you pull a little stunt like we didnt know what it was?
Little ****** desperate tryin' to re-establish a buzz
I know the **** is drivin' you crazy you wonderin' how,
The street ain't never want you
Beatris what you gonna do now?

Martin won't apologize for ****. Just like Chretien. What a jackass:
Canada's Martin makes unapologetic exit

By Randall Palmer

OTTAWA (Reuters) - His political dreams cut short, Paul Martin bowed out of the Canadian limelight on Thursday admitting errors but affirming that he had done a lot for the country first as finance minister and then as prime minister.

Martin worked 15 years to become prime minister, took over in late 2003 amid huge expectations, only to flame out in the January 23 election in the worst Liberal performance since 1988.

"Did we make mistakes? Probably. Do I have faults? Certainly. My wife told me I do," Martin said in his final news conference at the head of Canada's government.

"But I feel very proud of what we have accomplished."

And that would be....what, exactly?

Sweet FA....Except he destroyed his party, which was an inadvertent accomplishment at best.

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