Monday, January 30, 2006

Tough Guy

Tough Guy!
Your Shit Is Weak!
Tough Guy!
You Fucking Freak
Tough Guy!
I'll Stick Your Shit!
--Beastie Boys

Professional tough guy Warren K (I know you're watching, big man, because you google yourself every second of the day) says:
Guite was hired by the Tories. He answered to Lowell Murray.

Your team.

And I take it your answer is, yes, you don't mind me sending letters to various governments falsely advising them that you traffic in drugs.

First off. What a fucking loser. Oh, Ok, soooo, now you distance yourself from him, eh?
While it may be contrary to the conventional view, we found that Mr. Guité did a good job–as good a job as he had done under the previous Conservative administration. And if it matters, I can tell you that his name never appeared on any of the confidential reports I received from Public Works’ internal police force.--Warren K, April 05

What about this bit?
A memo tabled Wednesday made it clear Guite was recommended for the job by the office of Dave Dingwall, then federal public works minister. Warren Kinsella, who served as Dingwall’s chief of staff, wrote on Nov. 23, 1995 — less than a month after the referendum — that “recent experience” had shown the need to centralize federal ad strategy.

The same centralized approach should apply to public opinion polling and other communications programs, he said.

Public Works was the logical department to review past practices and put new procedures in place, Kinsella wrote.

“In my view Mr. J. C. Guite … should be assigned to carry out this review on a full-time basis,”
he told Ran Quail, the deputy minister at Public Works.

“It is requested that he (Guite) be assigned to a position that will allow him to carry out these tasks.”

(Thanks, Jay.)

Nobody takes you seriously. Are you going to deny knowing Dingwall?
Wasn't Warren so proud of his work as "aide to Chretien"? Now he can't even come to terms with his involvement in Guite's position at Public works? ....Nobody even blinked when Gomery implicated Chretien for most of the damage. Why? Because it was self-evident.

Now what? He's reduced to threatening bloggers with ridiculous lies to keep his name from being mentioned along side Guite's? What a joke. A pathetic joke.

What a big, tough guy. I tell you what, Warren: It's lucky you didn't come face to face with Brooks the other day.


jaycurrie said...

It's funny, that report of the memo has been on my blog for a few days...Mr. K has not deigned to drop by and suggest that he was so not an actor in Adscam.

The old foister just loves to throw his weight around but is essentially allergic to the facts. Which, no doubt, has served him well as a Liberal operative and drive by media maven.

Shamrocks! said...


Did you know he has been constantly stating on his own blog that Michael Bates (sp?), the editor of Frank Magazine is a coke fiend? He writes it right out of the blue without qualification.

Then he has the nerve to talk semantics with Mark Bourrie about whether mentioning if he's a "key player" in adscam means that he is criminally implicated.

I hope Mark (legally) cleans his clock.