Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Army Of Me

Stand up
You've got to manage
I won't sympathize

And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me

General Klapp wrote:
- Michael Bate is a fucking hypocrite again!

- He’s attacking me for suing one of his two pals, who has accused me of a crime!

- When Bate himself hired a lawyer to sue me two weeks ago after I wrote [DELETED ON THE INSISTENCE OF BATE’S LEGAL COUNSEL]!

Really? Interesting, don't ya think?
I am indeed a lawyer, as you will shortly discover. I require that you immediately remove all relevant postings you have made on your web site, or I shall bring an action against you for damages and costs.
--Warren Kinsella, Sept 8 2004, In an email to myself.

Imagine the nerve of someone trying to censor another through legal threats.
This I know
Best keep quiet
You don't listen to me anyway
You're gonna lose and it's gonna show
--The Hives


Ian Scott said...

I wonder if somebody's parents were retarded, or just one of them?

Shamrocks! said...

...Er, maybe two amoral parents, if their son turned out like this.