Friday, January 27, 2006

Put That Mother To Bed

I can see you through the door.
You been chewing bread and water.
And there's a grudge on you - you know not ought not to have.
You've been running around the racetrack
You've been running around the racetrack
Put that mother to bed to bed
Put that mother to bed
--Shaun Ryder/Happy Mondays

Did you ever think an issue was dead only to see it blow up again? Warren should have known better than to resurrect this Lazarus:
Warren Kinsella threatens to sue blogger, redux

Oh God, Warren? Again?!

Canadian lawyer, author, and blowhard Warren Kinsella has once again threatened to sue a blogger. This time, it’s doctoral student and blogger Mark Bourrie for mentioning his name in connection with some sort of political, uh, thing. It’s not really clear to me why he’s threatening to sue, actually, except I guess he didn’t like to see his name in the blogosphere?

As you probably know (or not, whatever), Warren threatened to sue me some time ago which alternately made me crap my pants before putting on new pants and then getting all angry about it. Then I chilled out, realized that I had a full plate of school and work and really couldn't make time for a court date, although the threat was probably just a scare tactic.

--Total aside: the night Warren threatened to sue me, I saw/felt/heard a ghost at my friend's apartment. I didn't sleep right for 2 months.--

Anyways, I made my peace with Warren, but it seems he didn't learn his lesson.

That's too bad, because I don't think he can keep getting away with randomly attacking people like this.


Warren K. said...

Patrick, give it a rest. The guy says I'm a "key actor" in a "kickback scandal," refuses to take it down, and I'm supposed to roll over? Fuck that.

Here's a deal: you let me send a letter that falsely states you are a drug runner, to the government every Asian nation you plan to visit in the next while, and let's see how fucking blase you are about people falsely accusing other people of a crime.


Warren K.

Shamrocks! said...


Here's a question: can you be an actor in a scandal without any implication of wrongdoing? Sure. Novak is a huge player in the Plame case down in the US, but has he committed a crime? No. And no one has accused him of such either.

Not to put to fine a point on this..and correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you hire Chuck Guite? Assuming your innocence for a moment, wouldn't that make you an "actor", key or otherwise, in adscam? Guite, by all accounts, is the mother of all players in Adscam, right?

But what about Joan? You threatened to sue her because she stated what area of Toronto you lived in?

Warren K. said...

Guite was hired by the Tories. He answered to Lowell Murray.

Your team.

And I take it your answer is, yes, you don't mind me sending letters to various governments falsely advising them that you traffic in drugs.

Shamrocks! said...


Do whatever you like, tough guy. Fill your boots.

Ottawa Watch said...

All the links about Kinsella's role in placing Guite into Pubic Works and in charge of a new centralised ad procurement system, and the original post, which most certainly does not accuse Warren of criminality, are on my web site,

Kinsella has finally run into the line in the sand.

Ottawa Watch said...

I see Kinsella has updated his Wikipedia page to include the "lawsuit", inclunding the deliberate mis-statment of my blog posting that he uses here.

Dr. Dawg said...

"I see Kinsella has updated his Wikipedia page to include the 'lawsuit', including the deliberate mis-statment of my blog posting that he uses here."

I wonder if that is actionable? Seriously.

Shamrocks! said...


Is there a link for that page?

Ottawa Watch said...

Go to Wikipedia and click "history". The wording was changed yesterday. Today, I edited the page for some typos. The old entry has exactly the same wording as Kinsella's post here. I did not say Kinsella was a key actor in a kickback scandal. In fact, I say several time on my blog that Kinsella was not involved in any kickback scheme. He put in place Chuck Guite, who was a key actor in the scandal.
Warren is screwed right now. He made an ill-advised legal attack on someone who is not afraid of him, and now he must play victim. As well, he continues his personal attack and last night sent me an e-mail that was, well, strange.

Shamrocks! said...


Heh. Is this an email you can share?

Ottawa Watch said...

Not now.

jaycurrie said...

One would hope the remedial reading class is not too full.

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