Monday, December 05, 2005

Yo, Horowitz! Relax, Tough Guy

I don't really know but I suspect
I think it's due time that we inspect
How they get their information and their facts are checked
Another press conference someone's talking out their neck

It takes a second to wreck it
It takes time to build
You gots to chill
--Beastie Boys

Horowitz loses it. Snap.
On Saturday the lead story headline in the Times was "Bomb Kills 10 Marines At Fallouja." What kind of a lead story is this? We're in a war. What's the big news that ten soldiers have died? And by one roadside bomb? It could happen any day -- even on the last of a war before a peace. There is no story. This is hardly news.
And uh, David, how many kids have you lost in the war?

Uh-huh. Yeah.

Dave thinks that the press is the "enemy" in the US because they are reporting the events of the war. Now you may be a pro- Iraq war guy (I was), and you might even think the North American media is Big-L liberal (I do), but calling it treason a la Rantin' Annie Coulter is just a little too foaming mouth.

I don't think Horowitz is going to be attending these military funerals, do you? It's no wonder this guy was a crazed Leftie during the sixties: only a fan of Mao or Stalin could appreciate how the *number* of deaths is insignificant as long as the objective is met.

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