Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Say Goodbye to Urban Voters

Yes, I see you on your window ledge
But I can't tell just how far away you are from the edge
And, anyway, you're just gonna make people jump and roar
Whatcha wanna go and do that for?

What's wrong with you this time?
--Bob Dylan

Just say for a second that you are a so-con. You probably believe that ssm is a fact of life since it has been law for a while now. Are you really going to come out to vote just because Harper says he'll reopen the issue? Where else would you logically park your vote in Canada if you are a so-con?
OTTAWA -- Conservative Leader Stephen Harper reignited the controversial issue of same-sex marriage on the opening day of the federal election, saying a government led by him would let MPs vote freely to overturn the law.

The promise to revisit the divisive issue was made as leaders of the four major political parties kicked off their campaigns for a midwinter vote that Paul Martin called yesterday for Jan. 23.

This issue is a vote loser. Period. No one wants to hear about it, and it is an absolute crap way to start an election. Voters first real impression of Harper as they begin to think more seriously about voting is going to be "Gaaawwwd, these guys are too socially conservative for me."


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