Thursday, October 20, 2005

PTC: Just make tv mindless and violent

"The rod up that man's ass has a rod up its ass."

Today, the Parent's Television Council (PTC) decided to hand down its list of top ten "bad shows", calling them "Mindless and unapologetically vulgar".

Of course, I'm no TV afficiando, as I have no tolerance for canned laughter, TV news, talk shows, bad writing, and continuosly recycled and cliched plotlines. I did, however, recently watch a good portion of a show that featured the bad writing and cliche plotlines, plus an unhealthy portion of extreme violence and racist caricatures-which earned no mention from the PTC at all. Walker, Texas Ranger, apart from being a longtime joke on Conan, is specifically aimed at kids and is quite possibly the worst and most violent program I've ever watched.

Of course, endless moralizing by puritannical groups like the PTC, or MADD, or any other eye roll inducing holdovers from the Victorian age are a dime-a-dozen. What boggles the mind is the fact that they would rather turn a blind eye to children being exposed to extreme violence and then open fire on mostly subtle and indirect references to sex (ie: the Family Guy).

The only other places on earth with such warped views might be in some of the darker corners of the middle east, where the exact same priorities exist for tv censorship:

Beheadings? Okay! Sex? Booo!

Anyways, apart from the actual BS concept of this list, the picks are ridiculous: The Family Guy is mindless? Can you name 2 more intelligent characters on tv than Brian and Stewie? They are the hyper-intelligent offspring of the character Cornfed, from that long forgotten animated tv classic, "Duckman".

Anyways, the Family Guy, the Simpson's and The Daily Show are the only shows I watch. Everything else makes my own personal ****list.


Stephen Taylor said...

Walker Texas Ranger on Conan makes me laugh every time.

Shamrocks! said...

It's creepy/funny. I'm glad he shows only clips on Conan, because entire episodes are ridiculous.