Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hey Rachel! Why Are You Still Here?

I bet you lost your virginity to a mechanical bull.
--Stewie, Family Guy

Rachel Marsden (convicted felon) says "Hey Amnesty, lay off Canada!"

Shamrocks! says "Hey Rachel, lay off the crack!" How's this for a top notch comeback?

In its report to the United Nations, the same organization that recently focused worldwide media attention on the horrors of naked Twister and pop music at the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention centre complains that when it comes to refugees, "the Supreme Court of Canada ... has affirmed that normally no one should be deported to face a substantial risk of torture, but has left open the possibility that such deportations might be justified in exceptional circumstances. The Court did not go on to enumerate or describe what would constitute such exceptional circumstances."

It's called a period. If only the Tara Reid of Canadian Journalism had focused on punctuation at SFU, instead of writing threatening emails to innocent faculty members.

I think its hilarious that this "journalist" is so ho-hum about the imprisonment of innocents who happen be in the "same phone book as Osama bin Laden" when she so narrowly escaped real prison time for actual crimes that she committed.

On a more serious note, the longer this walking joke is a "mouthpiece" of Canadian conservativism, the more discredited the brand will become. Do we really need a "thinker" like this?

In her first mainstream national television interview with CTV icon Mike Duffy, Marsden haplessly plugged the National Post as a “cutting edge paper” before observing that the situation with Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal and Liberal operative Tim Murphy amounted to “people playing politics with a football in Ottawa.” Duffy was understandably confused by the football analogy. She
proceeded to assert that either party could have “put down the phone at any time” when the conversations in question didn’t involve a telephone.


I get stupid,
I shoot an arrow like Cupid,
I use a word that don't mean nothin'
Like looptid
--Digital Underground


Anonymous said...

Rachel is busy these days vandalizing her own Wikipedia page.

Look at the history and discussion page. She even had the nerve to accuse the administrator of stalking her: "I would be careful if I were you homey/homeontherange/ contributor. Your IP address has been reported to the Toronto Police Service and as of August 25/05 you are under investigation for criminal harassment."

Rachel also had a go at the Judi McLeod page too:

Shamrocks! said...

That's funny she would suppose that a contributor would be writing her bio.

Anonymous said...

Funny how?

If you browse through the Judi McLeod and Canada Free Press talk pages, you'll find that the Wiki editor reports an eyewitness account of Judi McLeod's connection to neo-nazi and Ernst Zundel bum buddy Paul Fromm in the newspaper's early days.

The Wiki editor repeats these allegations on Rabble.

I think it's fair for Rachel Marsden and Judi McLeod to assume that the Wiki editor and the Rabble poster are one and the same.

Of course Rachel Marsden and Judi McLeod are still batshit crazy.

Anonymous said...

Apparently she single-handedly brought down a very funny blog,, just this weekend through harassment and incessant flaming, fake e-mails from cops, lawyers, posting their IP address on her blog, etc. She is crazier than crazy.