Sunday, September 18, 2005

Insult To Injury

This morning I woke up to a broken rib. I awoke early this morning, not remembering that I tripped on a log and smashed my chest last night, and began to get up when the shooting pain went right through me. I then managed to get a speeding ticket on my home from a friend's house... Ahh, good times.

Meanwhile, as I recover at my undisclosed location, the world keeps turning...

While Japan voted for radical rejuvination, WW II's other project nation decided on half steps:

German election ends in deadlock
By Bertrand Benoit in Berlin

Germany slid into political chaos on Sunday night as the election produced a hung parliament, with both chancellor Gerhard Schröder and his challenger Angela Merkel claiming victory and the right to form a new government.

The result is unprecedented in German post-war history and caused bafflement in Berlin as Ms Merkel, who seemed set for an easy win just weeks ago, was left claiming a pyrrhic victory after an uninspiring and gaffe-ridden campaign.
Yes, Merkel's underlings undercut her position as a reformer, but she should have stepped up a little....
Starry-eyed life but somehow believing in nothing
You whisper sweet nothing but reading between your lines
I listen, color me doubtful
--David Bowie

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