Thursday, August 11, 2005

How's It Going There, Bert?
What come around go around, kid
--Cypress Hill

What comes around goes round, Leahey
--Ricky, Trailer Park Boys

So Bertuzzi's back. I'm a Canucks fan, but uh...Here's hoping he doesn't last long in the NHL.

It's like Bumf said:
[A]ny player who deliberately or maliciously attacks another player must sit until the infracted player returns to the game.

Perfect. That, and an automatic reimbursement of wages to the hurt player from the offending player.
Instant karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head

Every day Bert's on the ice while Moore's not playing is a travesty.


Ian Scott said...

Ugh. A Canucks fan? Ugh. I more thing to not like you for :P

Admin said...

Hey... the fractured neck and the concussion the doctors maintain came from the fact that 8 other 200 pound athletes threw themselves on top of Bert and Moore. Why should Bert pay for that?

Not that I really want to defend Bert... I don't much like him either. Ty Cobb of hockey...

Shamrocks! said...


Details, details. Berti started the fire...without him, Moore would still be playing. Bottom line.


There's plenty o' reasons, trust me.