Thursday, August 11, 2005

Calm Like A Trade Bomb: Ignite!
These vultures rob everyone
Leave nothing but chains

The US has again lost a NAFTA ruling on softwood, and who is left to hold feet to the fire? The first ministers, because our government hasn't accomplished anything on this front.

And what does the US ambassador say?
"One of the greatest myths is that U.S. and Canada don't get along, that the two countries don't trust each other," said David Wilkins, who was named ambassador to Canada in May. "But there is great cooperation, friendship and warmth between the two peoples.

"I think we have wonderful relations. I hope to build on that strong relationship, and play a small role in making it stronger."

First off: Take that romantic comedy 'relationship' BS out of here.

Secondly: I can't imagine why we don't trust each other. It is because we have signed agreements like NAFTA that explain our trade relationships clearly, in bold type and in full view of the public...and the US has pissed all over it.

Why did the US even bring a case to NAFTA if they had no intention of abiding by the ruling?

Forget that. The real question is *what Canada should do* about these criminal actions by the US?

1) Tariffs, ahoy! This is not a good idea, since it will sap cash from Canadian consumers and deplete our productivity.

2) Start looking for other trade partners.-This is a good start. NAFTA has been good for Canadian trade, but it has meant we have rested on our laurels in looking for diversified trade partners. We are over a barrell because of our trade dependence on the US. I think that furthering our trade integration with the EU and ASEAN are obvious choices.

3) Start nudging the US out of our oilsands. I don't mean that we impose tariffs or duties, etc.. I mean we start looking to trade specifically with India and China on this front and start getting serious about hitting the US where it hurts. Also, we could cap their involvement in any new ventures--like the westcoast oil and gas reserves off the Queen Charlottes.

4) Start Barking. Loudly. The US is in key negotiations with the six party talks and any loud noises will be heard at these delicate meetings. What if Canada, a trusted internationalist, decided at this moment to inform the world the US could not be trusted with its word-written or otherwise? Ouch.

We have guns, peeps, we just have to decide to use them. It's go time.

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