Saturday, July 02, 2005

Stop ****ing with our flag
Top rank
Point blank
We vital
--Gang Starr

Just in time for Canada Day, there has been a wave of disrespect towards the Canadian flag and Canada in general. Probably the worst offender has been A Chick Named Marzi:
Okay, so that's my rant and it felt so good that I'm going to have a cigarette. And then possibly torch a Canadian flag with it.

It shouldn't have to be said that Canada is great country, or that torching your own flag is essentially a treasonous act. Or that there are many competing jurisdictions a citizen of Canada would be free to live in. I'll suggest Australia or Britain, since you can easily get visas for those countries.

I'm really questioning why some on the right in Canada (I'm a proud member of that group) feel it is necessary to piss all over Canada. Is it only because we can't get our guys in office? Or is it a deep, abiding hatred for our great nation? Is it a lack of reference points?

I'm sitting in the capital of a third world nation and I just travelled through China...hell, I've been living in Japan for the last while...I've travelled Europe and all that too and I can say Canada is great and we have reason to be proud. Yeah, the Liberals are jackasses, and Ontario and the east hold too much power, but these are *details*.

Much of Thailand doesn't have running water, boy-os.

So if you are not down with the flag: **** off. Criticism is great, but be a patriot.

Recognize a great nation when see one.
Thought you was on the case but you missed the fact
The ***** talkin this and that I'm a make it simple jack
--Gang Starr

UPDATE: Also, it's called "Canada Day", not "Dominion Day". Why you'd want to glorify our former inferior status as Britain's bottom bunk buddy is beyond me. As a wise man once said "You glorify the past when the future dries up". That hasn't happened, Red Ensigners.

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