Sunday, July 03, 2005

I'm not a Celine Dion fan, but.....

I really don't like her music, but this is messed up.....from Live 8 in Barrie, Ont.
The proceedings weren't without incident though. Some members of the crowd booed Celine Dion during her introduction by Aykroyd, who was co-hosting the show.

One of my neighbours in Vancouver used to bust out Celine at 8 am every morning, and louder and earlier on weekends, so I have a deep distaste for her brand of "music". I used to get revenge by blasting Rage Against the Machine as loud as possible at his windows.

But having said that, when someone does charity work in their own country, they should at least be respected, whether you are a fan or not. If the artist blows and/or sucks, just go get a beer during their set. Relax. Eat a hamburger. Talk to your friends. Play a drinking game like "Every time Celine sings the words 'near' or 'far', take a drink". Yeesh.

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