Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Quick Note about Strat Love
Let fury have the hour
Anger can be power
D'you know that you can use it?

I finally got my Fender Stratocaster out of storage and ready to rock. I left my (inferior) acoustic in Japan to a children's english school, so for now, I'm off the finger-picking and on to the rock stuff with the world's most versatile guitar.

Two things:
1) I somehow happen to have the loudest amp on earth. Despite its relatively small size, I haven't turned the volume knob past "3" (I wish it went to "11" a la Spinal Tap). Yikes. I love the older roadie/music store guy who recommended the "Typhoon"...I paraphrase him here "Uuuuhhh, I could show you all the crappy amps we have in this store, man, or I could just show you this awesome one." Thank you wherever you are.

2) The Clash's "London Calling", Rage Against The Machine's "Battle of Los Angeles", U2's "Auchtung Baby", and The Hives' "Veni Vedi Vicious" are all kick ass albums to play along to. Hella fun.

Special killer mention: "Watcha Want" by the Beasties. Fun and simple (thanks Rick Rubin!), but the vocals are killer....ever notice how "99 Problems" by Jay-Z is similar? That's the Rubinfactor.
I got the rap patrol on the gat patrol
Foes that wanna make sure my casket's closed
Rap critics that say he's "Money Cash Hoes"
I'm from the hood stupid what type of facts are those?

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