Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Dirty Dozen

We've changed a lot and then some
You know that we have always been down
And if I ever didn't thank you
Then just let me do it now
Bumf has nailed me for a new game of blog tag - being named as one of his favourite blogs (I'm honoured, Huck!). It's supposed to be called "Joint Task Force 12", but I'll stick with my own term: The Dirty Dozen. Why? Because "The Dirty Dozen" was the best skit on "In Living Color".

These 12 are in no particular order:

12. A Socialite's Life

11. Blogette.

Both of these blogs feed my inner celebrity gossip whore. Blogette can get political and A Socialite's Life has pictures of Tara Reid drunk off her ass. Good Times.

10. Matt Good's MBlog. This one is purely unintentional comedy by Canada's version of Alec Baldwin. A minor celebrity who mistakes his "fame" for intellectual credibility and claims that White People invented killing. What a tool....but he leads me to my next blog.

9. Raymi The Minx. Raymi has packed a lot of living into her 22 years. She has a streak of funny cynicism/nihilism that reeks of teen spirit....So why is she friends with Matt? Who knows. Let's bust out some Pablo Honey, Siamese Dream and Nevermind.

8. Let It Bleed. No one loves a good fight as much as Bob, and no one takes more time to completely deconstruct arguments by the left. I'm just glad he's on my side.

7. The Blog Quebecois An interesting and funny site. Gnotalex is probably the only other blogger besides myself to regularly quote songs on his site. Also, he's the only other blogger to quote Ice Cube specifically. Why, oh why must you swoop through the hood . Alright.

6. All Things Canadian Don has the mantle as the only blogger to really get under Warren K's skin. Right now the beef between them is set to simmer, but when it blows up it is fun to watch.

5. Warren Kinsella's Musings. Warren threatened to sue myself and several other bloggers, jipped me on a deal to post one of my arguments on his website, and continues to defend a man I consider beneath contempt. However, Special K did save a friend of mine from prosecution, he supports Israel, and somehow he still plays in a band--and seems to actually care about music. If he's not a favourite blogger, then he at least makes blogging more interesting.

4. Myrick . Chris Myrick was a fellow Canuck blogger abroad when I was in Japan. His blog is dying a slow death, but when he does post, he has a broad view on events because of his extensive experience overseas.

3. Illseed's AHH Rumours. If you are a hip-hop aritist, Illseed knows you got shot before you realized that you caught a case. The man would the police scanner of the hip hop world, but by the time the news reaches the cops, Illseed already has the next bit of dirt.

2. Jay Jardine's Freeway to Serfdom. Jay hates government the same way I did when I was a 16 yr old anarchist, so I have a special appreciation for his views. Jay is also big on fast cars and hard rock. Is there anything better than a driving a supercharged engine and busting out some Zep? Not likely.

1. My Blahg. Robert's always got something ridiculous to say, but it appears even in his writing that despite all protests to the contrary, he actually appreciates the right and appreciates discussion and dialogue with people he vehemently disagrees with.

If you are named but don't want participate in this self-indulgent (where would the blogsphere be without that essential trait?) exercise, then feel free to dismiss this.

........Of course there are bunch of other blogs that also could have been mentioned here....but they know who they are. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Thanks dude.

I threatened to sue? When?

Are you back from overseas?

Warren K

Shamrocks! said...


Er, I have a hazy memory of an email.... Something about prejudice? Hmmm not sure. "Water under bridge" I suppose.

I'm back from the far east, it's true. I saw a lot of Japan (where I worked my butt off), and I had a great trip through China and Thailand, too. It's still a novelty to be back here....

Thanks for asking.

Jay said...

Thanks for the shout out, Patrick.

We'll have to pound beers sometime.

Shamrocks! said...

For sure.