Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Liberals: Nothin' but Gangsta Party
Vision 88 kilos of cocaine smack dead in your face
The street value of that is what you dream to make

Just a sample of what is going down on the Westcoast:
A Vancouver woman with connections to the B.C. NDP and federal Liberal party has been arrested in Seattle and charged with trafficking ecstasy after a four-week sting involving the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

Ravinderjit Kaur Puar, who is also known as Ravinderjit Kaur Shergill, was captured on tape saying she was involved in the sale of ecstasy and marijuana and also said she did not want any "heat" because both she and her father are politicians, according to U.S. court documents.

Wait a second: Is this the same federal Liberals involved in every shady plot on earth? Get outta town...
"Yeah, it's that simple. That's what the game is like in Vancouver. You f--- with us, you die. Well I don't know if you listen to the news and stuff. In Vancouver ... you pay for it and you know how bad you pay for it."

Maybe Paur and Svend Robinson could take over the Green Party, and just shorten the name to make it the "G" Party: Husslers, pimps, thieves, drugslangers and gangbangers only.

But where would they steal the Liberal votes? Expect a turf war.

Kate's way ahead of me on this one:
83 kilos of cocaine found on a Martin owned Canada Steamship Lines vessel, drug related arrests in BC of Liberal fundraisers and organizers (the Basi Boys) associated with Paul Martin's leadership campaign, and the curious testimony of Miriam Bedard at the Commons committee hearings into Adscam.

Perhaps it's time the federal Liberals were asked to recuse themselves from further debate on marijuana decriminalization. Conflict of interest, and all that.


Oh, and I have the new music for the next Liberal Party bash:
Ain't nuttin but a gangsta party
Nuthin but a gangsta party
It ain't nuthin' but a
Mother****in' gangsta party
Ain't nuttin' but a gangsta party

It's like cuz, blood, gangbangin'
Everybody in the party doin dope slangin'
--Snoop, 2pac

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