Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Only in Canada
Imagine that in the Watergate scandal, the focus of the secret recordings of the Oval Office discussions turned to those who did the taping. That's what is happening in Canada. Nixon is getting off scot-free.

This is a sideshow, not the main event and the media should realize it.

Do you remember the protests in Quebec City? There were talks amongst the G8 nations, but nobody remembers that-They remember that Naomi Klein and Co. wouldn't come out against violence against property. Or that the police were 'brutal'.

Can you remember a quote from a G8 leader at those talks?

Here's a quick question: Are we going to remember what was on the 'Grewal' tapes? Just to recap: Tim Murphy and Ujjal Dosanjh made implicit offers of senate seats and foreign postings in exchange for a change or absention from a vote...and did it with the PM's knowledge.

And somehow the CPC's image is tarnished.

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