Thursday, June 02, 2005

....It's like a Deadly Game Of Freeze Tag

Don at ATC tagged me like a grizz so..

# of books I own:

I would guess that it would be around 200...Maybe not that many, in fact. I guess I have gone through a pile, but usually they are returned, given away, etc. I hear that a couple of bloggers have a few thousand books on their shelves, and to them I say: Wow.

David Frum once said he had 3000. What a guy.

Last Book I Bought:

Lonely Planet-South East Asia. I'm going to Thailand soon, so I need the information.

5 books that mean(t) a lot to me:

1. "Gretzky: An Autobiography", by Wayne Gretzky. I think the greatest line was when my childhood hero said that his grandmother was a better goaltender than most NHL goalies.

2. "The Electic Kool Aid Acid Test", by Tom Wolfe. When I read this book, I knew I was taking a road trip to San Francisco.

3. "Paradise Lost", by John Milton.Milton was blind, and recited the verse in iambic pentameter to his daughters. It's more action than John Woo: A massive battle of the heavens, a descent into hell, the legions of hell awakening and building Pandemonium, Satan's journey through chaos and heaven and into the garden of eden - A travel diary gone wild.

4. "American Psycho", by Bret Easton Ellis.Ever wondered what a complete lack of empathy would be like? It's like shock treatment for your conscience.

5. "The Anti-Christ", by Nietzsche. It hit me like a tonne of textbooks. Simple, short, crazy and persuasive. He beat Socrates like a rented mule.
It's all subject to revision.

I'm tagging:
Girl on the Right,
Warren Kinsella- just to see if he responds.
Bree, because she's about as west coast as I am.
Norm Spector, ditto the last two....
Lotusland, because I'm a fan.


Briana said...

It's done. No ollie ollie oxen free for me.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so how does it work? I answer the same questions, then tag others?

I am a dumb leftie, so forgive my obtuseness.

Anonymous said...

That was Warren K. in that last post. Sorry. Further evidence of my obtusity-ness.

Shamrocks! said...


Yep. Pretty much the same deal: just answer the questions (ie: last book bought, etc) and then tag 5 more.

Colour me pleasantly surprised...

Shamrocks! said...


Nice work...thanks for playing.