Tuesday, May 10, 2005

GM Wises Up

GM's reliance on super-massive SUV's with huge contribution margins, but a declining sales rate due to the price of oil is starting to affect the company's strategy... (er, not to mention their reliance on their financing division and their massive pension obligation accounting, uh, "issues")
Sharing Hybrid Car Technology

Toyota said it was willing to discuss sharing its hybrid vehicle technology with rivals, including U.S. automaker General Motors. But the two automakers denied they were already in talks.

GM denied claims from an online news report that said the two automakers were in talks about a possible technology-sharing pact that could result in a quicker, wider offering of hybrid vehicles.

I fully expect that sometime in the future Congress will start looking at regulatory policy to see that the big three reduce their emissions. There is pressure from both sides of the aisle on this one: conservationists on the left and neocons who want to reduce the oil cash to the ME on the right.

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