Thursday, April 07, 2005

Why I love NME
Where's your head at?
Don't let the world cave in on you
--Basement Jaxx

This is part of a harsh beat down of the Basement Jaxx's new singles complilation. (Why can't Rolling Stone write like this?..)
The one you’ll know, ‘Where’s Your Head At’, was and is a horrible thing; a graceless, clod-hopping boozers’ anthem, the musical equivalent of a piss-poor comedian stumbling on a humorous catchphrase and basing an entire act around its lobotomised repetition. Where’s my head at? Trying to find relief in a packet of aspirin.

I love that song, but I also love the diss. Good stuff. How about this little aside from an old review of RATM's "Battle of Los Angeles":
You've got to ask yourself, do these dudes ever mellow out? Probably not. Zack might wake up on a beautiful spring morning with Mr Bluebird on his shoulder and start humming 'Zip A Dee Doo Dah' for a bit but then he's probably going to think - "Shit! Beautiful day, my ass! Millions are suffering under an evil socio-economic system which deprives them not only of the full fruits of their labour but also of their basic human dignity. And that makes me MAAAAAAAAAAD!" And suddenly he's in the mood to make yet another album of ranting, churning, slamming heavy funk-metal thunder like this one. Wicked!

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