Saturday, April 16, 2005

This is me outside Queen's University, Belfast.


MRSX said...

So beautiful. When I get the chance.. I cant wait to see it. How was Belfast????

Shamrocks! said...

Mrs X:

Belfast is a very beautiful city, and I say that having lived for long time in Victoria and Vancouver.

It's also so strange that in the alleys, there's barbed wire and security fences...there a divider of a 6 lane freeway that seperates the Protestant downtown from the Catholic ghettos where the IRA operates. The IRA still looms large there, and the police still don't go anywhere near the Sinn Fein HQ or the large IRA compounds.

The police station/courthouse is under three protective barriers of concrete, etc...

Having said all that, I highly recommend going. The people are great, there is a rich history, lots to see and do, and the countryside is amazing.