Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dumb and Dumber

Ever wonder why your hometown has a questionable education policy? I do, and I found an answer. Here's the latest from my unfortunate old hometown of Kitimat which has recently been operating on a four day school week because of budget cuts:
Coast Mountains school trustees have voted to continue the status quo, saying they didn't get enough new money from the provincial government to return to the traditional 5-day week.
Secretary-treasurer Marcel Georges said even with the additional money, a five-day week would result in a $1.3 million deficit. While more money is welcomed, Georges cautioned, "It sounds rosy on paper, but it's not the case. We have to reduce potential holdbacks."
Ahhh, they need more money...about a $1 or so......Hey! What's this in the next article?
The provincial government will give the city another $1 million towards the pool retrofit.
Way to prioritize.


Rick Barnes said...

The Liberals certainly have a way of setting their priorities! They are not shared by me!

Shamrocks! said...


Fair enough.

I'm thinking Kitimat's lobbying efforts were/are misplaced, though. They lobbied for cash for a pool retrofit, rather than for badly needed money for education in the Coast Mountain District.