Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Liberal Scandals: Put the pieces together
"Canadians don't much care for politicians who put their own political interests ahead of the public's wishes."
--Scott Reid

We'll remember that, Scott.

In physics, there is a theory (I'm paraphrasing here) that if you can judge the velocity and location of every atom in the universe at any given time, you can predict the future.

When it comes to the testimony of Liberal insiders and Quebec ad men, we can fit all the pieces together just by looking at the past and present. We don't actually need to hear the testimony of Brault to figure out what has gone on.

Keep your eyes on:

+ Small Dead Animals

+ The history of the Liberal regime "This Parliament would be much better off if we had more Gagliano's"--Jean Chretien (via bumf)

+ Spector's keen eye for the overlooked.

+ The Autonomous Source's continued internet uprising.

+ The current antics of the former PM, who recently courted Iran despite the Kazemi revelations.

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