Saturday, April 02, 2005

Gomery Smokes The Corrupt
Don’t like the look of it
Don’t like the taste of it
Don’t like the smell of it
I want to watch it come down
Shove it up inside! Surprise! Lies!
--- Nine Inch Nails

The big question about Jean Brault's testimony is if it will trigger an election, and if so, will it be before or after his official testimony is released to the public. If it is before, the Libs will suffer from the imagination of the public about the reasons for calling it. If it is after the release, the public will be privy to all the facts.

So the question is: How bad is it? And do the Liberals want to call the election before it comes out?

Answer: Pretty bad. If I were a Lib I'd be praying for an early election call, because the public's imagination is not going to be as bad as the reality.

+ Political Staples double teams the Gomery Revelations

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+ Kate gets all up in the grille of the Libs

+ The Spectator peeps the MSM

+ Here's the Google News updates of the whole fiasco

Meanwhile, Warren is preoccupied with 19, 19, 1995...and still thinking that the bluster approach is going to save the rep of his former crew:
Two, would you appoint a civil inquiry that is itself replete with massive overspending, lack of controls, lack of self-control, and a total inability to lay charges - and will only issue a report that will be ultimately tainted by a finding of bias by the Federal Court?

Would you appoint Chuck Guite to run a sponsorship program that was a coverup for kickbacks? Would you apologize for rampant corruption and misappropriations of public money with ethically questionable attacks on a sitting judge? Would you attack the spending habits of a legitimate inquiry rather than concentrate on the illegitimate patronage of the Liberals?
I learned to look ahead of me
Stay strapped
Watch your back
Keep your eyes on the enemy

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