Sunday, April 03, 2005

Gomery Revelations: Keep It Going Full Steam
Because ya can't
Ya won't
And ya don't stop
--Beastie Boys

Two Items of interest:

#1. Norman Spector points out an article of interest that he wrote indirectly pertaining to Jean Brault's testimony:
Finally, I'd like to hear Mr. Chr├ętien's reaction to pollster Alan Gregg's explanation of the sponsorship scandal (in a CBC broadcast):

“At the root you have a situation how political parties run their election advertising as they pull together a consortium of essential volunteers. They're either unpaid or if they're paid, they're paid significantly below market value. And at the end of a winning campaign . . . there's kind of a nudge, nudge, wink, wink, you know, we owe you one.”

Ah, so desu ka, as they say around here.

#2. The next big event will be tomorrow (later today in Japan) in the House of Commons, as the parties bluff each other to use parliamentary privilege to break the ban. That's something to watch. There's no ban on reporting the Hansard, is there?

Here's the Google News rundown.

And Bound By Gravity's *real* rundown.

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