Friday, April 22, 2005

The Globe Needs A Laugh Track

What a lame editorial. What's with this BS?
“Do Canadians really believe that the number-two man in a government now under a cloud of corruption is the person to clean up that mess today?” Mr. Harper asked. Well, perhaps he is. A straight arrow if there ever was one, Mr. Martin may be just the man for the job.
April Fool's is on the 1st of April, right? Isn't this the same Martin who wouldn't come clean on his views on SSM in the last election? Isn't this the guy who refuses to answer straightforward questions in QP every freakin' day? Isn't this the guy who keeps insisting he knew nothing of Adscam even though it is becoming clearer he was knee deep in it?

Isn't this our national paper?

What a sad little joke the Canadian media plays on the voters of Canada every time the Liberals are in trouble or are facing an election.

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