Monday, March 21, 2005

Ezra's East Coast Beef
*****s in the game be doin' way too much
Actin' tough with this east-west coast stuff
I don't mind Ezra Levant so much, and I'd like to think that he would stay in politics a good long time, but his article dissing McKay and Stronach is akin to 50 on Jadakiss and Fat Joe: What's the Deal? via bourque
Diagnosis: Harper is OK, and the party is OK, and the policies are OK. But the prom king and queen [McKay and Stronach], the toast of the Globe and Mail readers, need to be taken down a peg by good ol' Sun readers.
What's his problem? He doesn't like that McKay was a bit theatrical, and Stronach *gasp* tried to woo some delegates in a fancy hotel. BFD. So Belinda spread the love a little: This is cause to refer to her disrespectfully?

Mountain? No, a molehill. Just chill. Keep it on the DL.

I think Ezzie's got some east coast/west coast Tupac type animosity in him. He's looking to start a fight and see's an opportunity to rile westerners against the (red) eastern tories-notice the reference to the globe? It's not a mistake.

Now I'll be the first guy to step up for the west and say from time to time "Yeah, we do get screwed by the east", but not right after the makeup sex of a convention. And not in public.
If you want beef
Eat a pork chop

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