Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Beef Week: Don/ATC Vs. Kinsella Vs. Coyne
I'm wicked enough to board this
Cos now it's on to the fullest
Guerilla straight from the mist
But I don't miss when it comes to this
--Ice Cube

Item #1: Warren comes up with a revelation of sorts on his website:
NO ONE thinks Parliament EVER “works.” NO ONE thinks the flotsam and jetsam of Official Ottawa - the Question Periods, the politically-motivated Gomery probes, the endless promulgation of New And Improved rules about ethics - EVER thinks Ottawa “works.”

Presumably this also applies to Unity/Adscam schemes, and presumably Warren feels similarly. So what exactly was the motivation of the "Unity Fund"?

Here's a revelation: NO ONE EVER thought that Unity BS excuse worked, and no one ever thought it was something other than a kickback scheme.

Item #2: Don nails Warren on the "Big Tobacco" slurs he nailed Spector with. Turns out Kinsella was a "Big Alcohol" lobbyist.

Item #3: Kinsella gets upset at Coyne because...why? Coyne nailed him a few weeks ago in a debate:
After he tried to gratuitously smear me a few weeks ago

Glossary: Getting smoked in an argument = smear.

Item #4: The Stink Spreads to the West. Don lays it out plain....Here's a rundown of Warren's 1990's fun:

1993-95: Executive Assistant to Dingwall, Minister of Public Works and Government Services - tells the Deputy Minister that Guite should be placed in charge of sponsorships.

1996-97: Leaves Dingwall to become counsel at Palmer Jarvis - an adverstising firm in BC

1996: Palmer Jarvis one of five firms to receive $50,000 for design of the Unity office logo

1997: Loses election in North Vancouver riding during General Election - (Palmer Jarvis donates $10,000)

I'll summarize this: He leaves PWGS and goes to Palmer. Palmer wins a PWGS/Adscam contract. Palmer bankrolls Warren's campaign.

All above board here. Nothing shady.

You don't understand: The west coast was breaking apart because of seperatism, and if that money wasn't spent in Vancouver, the seperatists would have won that 1997 referendum. Oh, there was no sereperatist referendum in BC in 1997? That's okay, Warren's response at ATC is more telling:
Hey Don, you are a ****ing psycho. Totally ****ing nuts.

Soooo...does that mean it's not true?
I'm seeing you sinking
I'm standing alone
You're weighing the gold
I'm watching you sinking
Fool's gold
--Stone Roses


Anonymous said...

Awww, dude, there you go again! Just when I thought we had declared an armistice.

Oh well. Go drink some Japanese tea, like I did last night. It's very soothing.


Shamrocks! said...


Ahh, it's more fun with you around. I appreciate what you did for my friend though, no doubt... adscam and chretien get me over excited.

Thanks for the idea. Did you drink the tea after the ATC episode? I'm thinking zen works okay, too.