Thursday, March 31, 2005

April's Fools....Shamrocks is fine
Not that any of my 5 readers were worried though, according to the comments section. I really should get my Gaijin card though.

Shamrocks in Trouble
I don't usually talk about personal stuff on my site, but here it goes..I have had 3 days off of work this week, and I have found out from my boss today that Japanese immigration is looking for me. Apparently, I have not properly registered my Gaijin (Foreigner) Card and there is the sobering possibility I will be taken away. This is serious business. I thought of simply applying today, but my boss (a native Japanese person) said that I would be detained at any of the City halls I attempt to apply at.

One of the key reasons I fear this, is because of the treatment other Gaijin have received:
Thai man without passport dies in police detention cell

FUKAYA, Saitama -- A Thai man died after falling unconscious in a detention cell at a police station here where he was being detained for failing to carry his passport, police officials said.

Now, I do carry a passport, but the Gaijin card is just as important here. Anyways, I probably will not be posting anything further until I find out what will happen to me.


Ian Scott said...

Ouch! Well, I see you have posted more, so I presume things have worked out. How did it all work out? Did you spend any time in a Japanese jail?

Ian Scott said...

Oh.. it was an April Fools joke.. I just re-read the post. Doh!