Saturday, November 13, 2004

To the Identity Thief: You Played Yourself
And they ask you about the game you claim you got
Drop science now, why not?
You start to sweat and fret, it gets hot
How'd you get into this spot?

You played yourself...
--Ice T

Wow. What a giant miscalculation on the part of the chump who has been trying to intimidate me @ The guy pretending to be Warren Kinsella. This is just a quick message from me:

*This is far from over. Sit back and wait for the phone call.*

First off, between myself and Warren, there is a small army of people working on this.

Self Defence
Turns to the Offense
(Understand where I'm coming from?)
--Cypress Hill

And a special thanks to Warren for a)linking to my site and b) working with me productively on this and being a pro: beef or no beef. Also, thanks again to Ian Scott and Cap'n Flynn for the emails.

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