Friday, November 12, 2004

Incrementalism Vs. Revolution
In the quest for a Palestinian homeland, the world community has pushed for a sped up approach to the implementation of the new state, rather than creating the appropriate atmosphere or institutions for a natural progression towards a vaible Palestinian State.

But are the Palestinians ready for instant statehood? No. Has that approach been tried? Yes, a couple of times and it has failed.

Like Tom Paine advocating that France advance the revolution as soon as possible, the world community has pushed for a similar solution in Palestine. And while Paine railed against conservatives and their 'take it slow' approach, Burke believed that an incremental approach to change was necessary.

Obviously, the Palestinians need this latter approach.
Newsview: Bush calls for Palestinian state


WASHINGTON -- President Bush has all but abandoned his goal of Palestinian statehood next year, opting instead to spend the next four years trying to help "a truly free state develop" alongside Israel.

Politely stepping around European and Arab demands that he plunge right into Middle East peacemaking now that Yasser Arafat has departed from the scene, Bush made clear he is in no hurry.

After all, Secretary of State Colin Powell told the Arab television network Al-Arabiya, "it would be a little hard for him to say 'And there will be one in one year, two years, three years, four years,' because it is truly up to the parties."

After meeting at the White House on Friday with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, his ally in Iraq, Bush offered no timetable - nor even a sketchy plan - for hastening Palestinian statehood, saying, "I hate to put artificial time frames on things."

And Sharon is doing the same thing. Israel is not promising anything, they are simply taking it one step at a time. Put up a security wall. Pull out of Gaza. Wait for real leadership to emerge.

No promises, just progress.

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