Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Chilly Bush Visit
I witnessed some of the riots on the hill today, and saw one riot cop get taken out--that was unfortunate. ....anyways, I'm short on time again, so there are the highlights:
1. Cattle: looks like there is some 150 day mechanism for resolving this mother that is being put in place today. So, come April this thing might get resolved.
2. Softwood: Bush admitted there is something wrong with the Byrd Amendment which is about as anti-trade as you can get...resolution time? No idea. Although the new sanctions by the EU, Canada and Japan might get things rolling.
3. Missile Defense: It was brought up at the meeting, but there is nothing new here. A majority of Canadians oppose it in their idealistic minds....but at the first hint of Iran/NoKo dropping a bomb we will get RealPolitik in a second. Are we ready to drop out of NORAD?
4. Security: We're friends/We'll work together. yadda yadda yadda.

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