Saturday, November 27, 2004

Au Contraire....
Just read something on Warren G's site:
The Pixies' songs still stand up. They do. You could pop them on a mix tape with anyone else you are listening to at the moment, and the Pixies would fit right in. No Flock of Seagulls - or U2 - are these guys.

I'll get this outta the way first: I love the Pixies...hell, I love the Breeders and some of the stuff Frank Black made, like 'Cult of Ray' and all that..especially 'Dance War'.

I'll make this quick because I am running low on time: I think that U2 beats the Pixies. I'm not going to use hyperbole to state how much I disagree with Warren, but I think that objectively speaking U2 has made a bigger impact, been more dynamic, put out more high quality work (even including the post-Pixies stuff) and the music is just plain better.

Put the best two albums between both of them: Doolittle Vs. Joshua Tree. Seriously, The tree kills track for track. In fact, I think Doolittle could only compare to say an 'October'. Anyways, I am outta here. Consider this the opening salvo, I am going to re-listen to some Pixies before I go any further.

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