Sunday, November 14, 2004

Academic Rumble Chomsky Vs. Levy
You're not able, to compete with the heat that I drop
And I still ain't been paid, for "1-8-7 on a cop"
I started yo' **** and I will end yo' ****
if you keep talkin **** on Crip!

It all boils down to the fact
that you're jealous of my paper stack

Update: If you see the poll at the left, I think Chomsky will finally blame someone other than the US when Henri-Levy Disses Him In A Rive Gauche Gangsta Rap MixTape "Le Gangsta Politique Dans La Maison". Henri-Levy has had a long time beef with the East Coast MIT prof since they were dorm hommies at Harvard. After a falling out, the two have been trading pot shots and minor scuffles have ensued at various functions, including a notable crip/blood type throwdown outside the World Economic Forum in '98.

Both hail from the Harvard Ghetto of Greensborough Dorm. They had been friendly, until one of Levy's friends robbed Chomsky of his copy of "Steal this Book" at a nightclub. Egos were bruised, arguments ensued, and the tiff soon became public. Bernard seemed to thrive on it — as he once boasted on stage, he built his career on the feud.

Chomsky, usually seen with a blue crip do rag and his classic 'crip walk' has been speaking out recently, and decided to come out about the beef:

“Sometimes, in beefs and battles, that's what it's all about, it's for the fans, it's like a big show, and for me, it wasn't that, it was very real,” Noam said. “But Bernard made it into a show.”

While Levy's popularity exploded — he was 2003's best-selling French Gangsta Rap Professor — Chomsky's career seemed to implode. For some, he got too big and perhaps strayed too far from his early, thugged-out image. So when Bernard came to take him down, people were waiting for the fall.

Even the Mad Man of the left, Chomsky, can identify with that feeling.

“When you're a big professor, people wanna see you fall sometimes, and it's like that,” he said. “This is human nature, and I really had to step back and understand.”

“When (fans) see me, I'll be out and about, I'm getting love. So it was kind of confusing me. Like, dang, ‘How can I get hated on?' ”

With files from the Kansas City Star

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