Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Olympics...let the (political) games begin!

I'm happy the olympics are here....its always fun to root for the good natured canadian kids against all the other nations. The torch lighting was fantastic, and I don't really know/care too much about the drug test missing athletes from Greece to let it bother me. If they are kicked, I couldn't care less. I know nothing about them and if they want to flaunt the rules, let them miss the games. Its their own stupid fault...


Okay, so Palestine has its own team? Why, could you tell me? I seem to recall that Israel still extends from the mediterranean to the Jordan. Its called the '676 war and the arabs lost. Badly. And they got all that they deserved from that war. They ganged up on Israel, attempted to ethnically cleanse the area, and ended up losing tonnes of territory.

too bad.

So why the team? The IOC is legitimizing a territory of UN/Arafat corruption, terror and mismanagement. Most african countries are run with more skill and less corrupt dictatorships.

anyways, here's a little report from ap:

The ancient god of love, Eros, flew above two lovers dancing and playing in the water. Then Eros hovered over a procession of figures from Greek history - from ancient vase paintings to a tribute to the Greek shepherd, Spiros Louis, who won the first Olympic marathon.

"The great moment has come!" cried the announcer. Moments later, the parade of nations began with the appearance of Greek weightlifter Pyrros Dimas, who is seeking his fourth consecutive gold medal at the games.

Behind him more than 10,500 athletes streamed into the stadium.

There was huge applause for Afghanistan on its return to Olympic competition after an eight-year absence and with its first female athletes.

The entrance of the more than 500-member U.S. team - led by basketball guard Dawn Staley - drew cheers. But some people also stood and put their thumbs down in an apparent show of displeasure for the war in Iraq. Moments later, the Iraqis entered to a roaring ovation.

so charles at lgf is having a hissyfit over this 'debacle'.

i doubt charles even watched because if he had, he'd have realized that there were no boos for any team. even israel (thank god). they were athletes cheered by spectators, not governments booed by morons. everyone relax. the spectators were fine.

I think its interesting that the olympics are political at all. athletes are usually representing themselves, and the olympics are this time when the countries actually become a factor. Voting blocs, ethnic rivalries, ideological differences, etc. all play out over athletics. there's something very anti-individualist in all this. An athlete is not really the sum of his/her's countries efforts. Athletes train and find will power on their own, and not by the sweat of the state. anyways, too much emphasis, i believe, is put on the country and not on the individual.

Canada wins gold? how about 'great athlete from canada wins gold'.

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