Sunday, August 15, 2004

Fascism, the Liberals and the CRTC

Apparently, Sheila Copps was defending the CRTC in friday's post. I haven't read the article, but the reviews are coming fast and furious in the blogosphere.

Trudeaupia has a little rundown here.

I cannot really comment (but i will anyway) since I haven't read the article yet, but apparently Sheila's litmus test for censorship is if something "enrages or is insulting". Really? By her own definition, she should have her mouth sewn up since that very comment enrages and is insulting. She is borderline tyrant material for putting such a flimsy argument forward for silencing CHOI.

Thieves, thieves and liars, murderers
Hypocrites and bastards [in laughter]

Hey thanks for nothing!
Morals in the dust
Two-faced bastards and syncophants
No trust
--Ministry, Thieves

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