Thursday, August 05, 2004

Good News Thursday!

If your day is sub-par consider this:

Svend Robinson expected to plead guilty Friday News Staff

Former NDP MP Svend Robinson will appear before a British Columbia judge Friday, where he's widely expected to plead guilty to theft of an expensive diamond ring.

Robinson's lawyer Michael Bolton has made it clear that the 25-year veteran member of Parliamt will "be accepting full responsibility for his actions."

I should hope so. He's been blaming his well-planned thievery on a 1997 injury. Is that something they teach on those "Fellow Travellers" trips to Cuba?

But that's not all!

Ottawa out to get me: Ouellet

(ed-I certainly hope so! Right on! Its about time!)

Suspended Canada Post boss denies wrongdoing, says he followed rules, lashes out at critics


OTTAWA - Andre Ouellet, the embattled head of Canada Post, denies any wrongdoing in his spending and hiring practices and says the federal government is out to get him.
Ouellet, who was suspended with pay in the spring, sent a 17-page letter to Revenue Minister John McCallum this week defending his position.

"I have had the feeling the government has been engaged in a process of constructive dismissal," Ouellet says in the letter, made public today.

"There are always two sides to a coin and I am very grateful to be able to present the other side."

He complained that an audit criticizing his hiring and expense practices invited all Canada Post employees to provide information, and suggested the auditors listened to "a few frustrated former and current" employees.

That's hilarious. The auditors must have "listened to a ..few..employees" when they were reviewing the expense accounts. I am sure that's what he means, since auditors are not "personal investigators", they instead do "forensic accounting", for fraudulent activities. By "listening to a few employees" I am sure he meant:

"Reviewed my wasteful spending by looking through the books thoroughly". I'm sure that's what he meant.

That's our government leadership! No responsibility! Blame the subordinates! Remember this guy has been around the top for over 30 years. This is our Canada.

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