Wednesday, July 07, 2004

You give Alberta Seperatism a bad name.

Now I know the national post has been using its lame-o Toronto-centric journalists to say how dumb western seperatism is, but this has to take the cake. Today they actually printed an op-ed by the moron leading the movement. Its not that he's stupid for wanting to seperate (i hate it when the eastern bastards say this kind of thing, but i'm from the west so i can say it), but what he says and how he says it.......

Alberta wants out

R.B. Hutton in
National Post

CALGARY - For a Canadian nationalist, last week's federal election results will prove to be devastating. For an Alberta separatist, the results were the best thing to happen in 40 years. The strong Liberal minority, if we can call it that, has fuelled Western alienation and will lead to the eventual break-up of Canada.

I think if it were going to happen, and I don't think it will, it would have been after Trudeau's "Screw the West" bit. Oh yes, and the NEP. Right now, we just have general alienation, and not pure robbery of the west like back then.

Westerners were hoping for a Conservative majority to end what they perceive as corruption in Ottawa. They would have been happy with a Conservative minority or a weak Liberal minority. The rationale was simple: A weak minority government can be held accountable for its actions and is therefore both responsible and responsive. Accountable government is, sadly, a concept that has been sorely lacking in this country since the mid-1960s.

I think its a big stretch to say that a weak minority (what's a strong minority?) would automatically be accountable. I am not sure why it would since it would be prey for small, special interest groups. The writer also misses the fact that a minority liberal government is what we have. What's his point? Is he happy about this or not?

Why would responsible, once-proud Canadians consider something as dramatic as separation? The reasons are numerous, and date back to Pierre Trudeau's blatant arrogance toward the West. -- who can forget his one-finger salute? -- and such policies such as the National Energy Program.

This guy needs a history lesson, pronto. The west has been alienated since time began. It wasn't Trudeau's fault, he just made it worse.

The media, the political pundits, and voters of central and eastern Canada will say the West -- what they mean to say is the Neanderthal rednecks from the West -- are like spoiled brats who don't like how the game is being played and are threatening to take their ball and go home. In one sense, I think they are finally getting it right. But we Alberta separatists are not just taking the ball -- we are taking the game and the revenue that goes with it. It will be interesting to see how the rest of Canada reacts without our golden goose.

Sounds like a b-ball player on crack: "i don't play the game! I am the game! I define the Game! They'll never be another like me!" Who wants to play ball with somebody like that? I should say I sympathize with western seperatism. If you live out west, follow the news and are not currently being bought off by the Liberals in one form or another, you can't help but feel it.

Like Norm Spector said, Ottawa needs a broom. Dust behind the curtains, sweep behind the door and give provinces their power back. Strong armed, statist policies like the gun registry and universal bilingualism are signs of central planning gone wrong.

We are a witness to change
and to counteract?

We gotta take the power back

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